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Jack and I met Chelsea when she was a dog trainer at Petsmart. We would go shopping and he would always look for her. When Jack hit his teen age years he stopped listening and would run off. I talked to Chelsea and we agreed he needed to be reintroduced to commands so I signed him up for dog training. Since Jack was 5 years old he wasn’t pleased to have to go to training (because he was with puppies) BUT he loved Chelsea, was happy to see her and would listen to her and perform the command she gave. Chelsea has a way of relating to any puppy or dog and they “get it”. I saw the wildest puppy in class be able to calm down under Chelsea’s direction, participate in class and be successful. His parents were so excited because then home life would be easier to manage .
I highly recommend Chelsea Little to train your fur baby. . She is amazing !

Diane Dellis