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Training Waiver

This waiver must be signed before your training starts. 

Vizsla Dogs

I, the undersigned, have enrolled myself and my dog in dog training classes, private consultations, workshops or other related activities offered by CL Dog Training. I hereby accept and assume, without reservation, all risks associated with my participation in the Classes. Including, but not limited to: the risks of any and all injuries to myself, my dog, and any of my family members, trainers, or third parties who may attend; the risks that my dog, or any other dogs that are in my possession, may cause injury to other persons and/or dogs involved in the Classes or in the vicinity of the training location; and the risks that saliva, water, food, snow and/or other debris may be present in the training area and/or home that I and all others are working in. I am also stating that I understand that I am allowed 1 make up or rescheduled sessions before I have to forfeit sessions and will be subject to schedule changes due to scheduling conflicts. Refunds are subject to approval. I have read and understood the waiver I am signing, given to me by CL Dog Training.

Thank you for submitting your Training Wavier!

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